Why Morocco?

Morocco, the country of King Mohammed VI, is, unlike many neighbouring countries in the regions, a beacon of stability. Not only from a political point of view, but also macroeconomic. Moroccan purchasing power is growing systematically and there are hardly any risks at a sharply rising inflation or falling exchange rate. The economy has been boosted by the adjustment of public services, the adjustment of the financial system, and the liberalization of the market. As a result, the country has a stable annual growth rate of around 4%. Thanks to the many bi- and multilateral agreements, Morocco has access to a market of about 1 billion consumers worldwide and the low import duties have made the country every effort to attract investors.
Years ago, Morocco put firm and ambitious plans on the table in the field of industry and agriculture at the turn of the century. Major infrastructure works have also been used to promote the country to one of the most progressive countries in Africa. Around the same time, Morocco also profiled itself as a hub for trade and investment in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Nice initiatives for this are, for example, CFC or Casa Finance City where holdings can position themselves to be able to function structurally from there on very interesting conditions.
With a very concise vision of the investment climate, we want to make it clear that there are numerous opportunities in Morocco for you as an investor.
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