About MorocConsult

MorocConsult, a leading consulting firm, offers a comprehensive range of support, ranging from strategic advice to operational efficiency and Corporate Finance.

01. Market Insights

Thanks to our years of experience and lobbying locally, we can provide strategic advice before you invest in Morocco.

02. Investments

Morocco is in full growth and this in a constant way making it interesting to invest in local businesses.

03. Offshoring

For the relocation of your projects in Morocco, we can assist you with advice and action. We guide you from A to Z for your entire project.


Who We Are

MorocConsult is a diverse team with multi-sector expertise and with extensive experience of more than 20 years and this especially in the field of consultancy for Belgian and other European investors in Morocco and Africa. This dedicated team is enhanced by the skills of a network of expert partners, both in Morocco and internationally.
For all your investments in Morocco, we provide advice in the following areas: market research, business strategy, public strategies, staffing, operational efficiency, management and organisation, etc. We support our clients in their development by structuring projects and a vision of advice driven by impact. Through our years of lobbying, we also have a solid local network in business, as well as at the official public authorities.

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