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MorocConsult ensures sustainable and reliable connections between you as an entrepreneur and the Moroccan market. Thanks to our years of expertise, we have developed a network in Morocco that you can enjoy to make a successful start as an investor. We are an independent Belgian company with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in strategic and operational support for Belgian investors in Morocco and Africa.

Market Insights

Thanks to our years of experience and lobbying locally, we can provide strategic advice before you invest in Morocco.


Morocco is in full growth and this in a constant way making it interesting to invest in local businesses.


For the relocation of your projects in Morocco, we can assist you with advice and action. We guide you from A to Z for your entire project.

Why invest in Morocco?

Some Figures


First 5 years 0% taxes on companies

Billion customers


GDP Growth of 3,47% expected for 2020

Minimum salaries of €350 incl. salary costs

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