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Invest in Morocco | MorocConsult

Invest in Morocco

Morocco holds many advantages. Foreign investors are encouraged and supported by the country, which literally serves as the gateway to Africa and the Middle East.


Offshoring in Morocco

For the relocation of your projects in Morocco, we can assist you with advice and action. We guide you from A to Z for your entire project.


Invest in Morocco | MorocConsult

Live in Morocco

Morocco is a very interesting alternative due to its favorable climate, welcoming culture, stunning landscapes, pleasant lifestyle, and investment opportunities.

Sustainable & reliable connections between you as an entrepeneur and the Moroccan market.

Belgian Company

We combine our local expertise and a deep understanding of both the European and Moroccan markets, enabling us to tailor solutions to the specific needs and expectations of our European clients.

More than 20 years
of experience

Specialized in strategic & operational support for Belgian investors in Morocco & Africa. Our experience enables us to understand our clients’ needs, act swiftly, and maintain a 100% customer satisfaction record thus far.


Through our experience and connections, we save you a significant amount of time, paperwork, lobbying, money, and frustration. We take care of everything for you and directly connect you to the right person.

Why Morocco & why now?

Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city and key port on the Atlantic coast, plays a pivotal role in Africa’s developing economy, particularly in the finance and IT sectors. As emerging cities in Africa rise, nurturing the continent’s financial ecosystem will not only drive economic growth but also foster local talent and businesses.

Morocco’s landscape in 2023 is defined by its exciting mega projects, symbolizing rapid African growth. These ventures span diverse sectors, including infrastructure, renewable energy, and tourism. Dive into the top 10 projects to uncover valuable investment prospects and witness innovation unfolding in this dynamic African nation.

With Africa’s vast potential and growing population, investment opportunities are abundant. Understanding the market is essential. Real estate, driven by urbanization and a burgeoning middle class, is a standout sector. Additionally, solar energy is booming, addressing Africa’s electricity access challenges. Investors worldwide recognize Africa’s bright future.


First 5 years 0% taxes on companies

Billion consumers


GDP Growth of 3,7% expected for 2024

Minimum salaries of €350 incl. salary costs

Spring 2024

Join us on a exploratory trip to Morocco

Unlock Morocco’s business potential with MorocConsult! Our expert guidance, tailored experiences, and exclusive networks ensure efficient exploration. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, explore promising opportunities, and navigate Morocco’s thriving business landscape on a safe and comfortable journey.

Join us, and let’s turn your business aspirations in Morocco into a remarkable reality!

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What do our clients say?

We are very grateful for their services and wholeheartedly recommend MorocConsult to anyone interested in investing in Morocco.

“Rachid is one of the most charismatic individuals I have ever met. What sets him apart is his simultaneous accessibility and humility. Listening to his keynote not only inspired me but also provided me with concrete tips to put into practice. I highly recommend Rachid as a keynote speaker, but most certainly as a person! He is genuinely caring and has a heart in the right place. Rachid is your man!”

Jonas De Zweemer

Professional coach and founder of Wedgee

MorocConsult has been instrumental in guiding us through investment opportunities in Morocco. We were extremely impressed with their expertise and dedication. Their team brought in-depth knowledge of the Moroccan market and business landscape, helping us make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, their guidance in understanding the cultural aspects and business practices in Morocco was invaluable. We are very grateful for their services and wholeheartedly recommend MorocConsult to anyone interested in investing in Morocco.

Sarah Johnson

CEO of Global Ventures Inc

As a company considering offshore services in Morocco, we engaged MorocConsult for advice and guidance. They have been a tremendous help in understanding the benefits and challenges of offshoring to Morocco. Their team assisted us in finding the right location, setting up our operations, and navigating local regulations. What truly sets MorocConsult apart is their commitment to their clients’ success. They go beyond just providing advice and ensure that you genuinely thrive in Morocco. We are pleased with the results so far and look forward to continuing our partnership.

David Smith

COO of TechSolutions Ltd.

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